Along with our standard enrollment, we offer add-on services to help your family on their homeschooling journey. You will have the option to purchase add-on services during your yearly enrollment process. 

To purchase additional services during the school year: CLICK HERE.

See below for more information about each individual service, as well as the respective prices.  For more information about our graduation services, such as transcripts and diplomas, please visit our Graduation page.

Progress Reports

We offer progress reports for our currently enrolled students, which is an official document listing the student's courses for a given year and their respective grades. These are typically utilized for students in grades K-8 and differ from our Transcript services (please see our Graduation page for more information on high school products). You may choose to receive the progress report as either a physical mailed copy or an emailed PDF.

After ordering a progress report, you will be asked to provide:

Cost per progress report: $15


We offer both student and educator IDs for our currently enrolled families. These may be used for a variety of purposes, such as for receiving retail discounts. 

Our IDs feature a 1 inch by 1 inch photo headshot of the student/educator. If you choose to purchase an ID during the Enrollment Form process, you will be prompted to upload your cropped photo at that time.

Cost per ID: $15

Placement Testing

Our placement testing service is intended to be utilized at the start of your child's school year, to ensure that the student is adequately prepared to begin a new grade level. They are available for each traditional grade level from K-8 and we offer both reading and math examinations at each level. These tests were designed in accordance with the Florida State Education Standards and by our experienced, FLDOE certified educator. 

Upon ordering your test(s), you will receive emailed instructions on how to access them, as well as what to expect during the testing process. You may choose to administer the test to your child at any time that is convenient to you. Once we receive the results, we will analyze them and follow up with placement recommendations. At this time, we are also able to provide you with curriculum suggestions, benchmarks to work towards, and answer any questions you might have.

You may choose to purchase an individual test (reading OR math) or a package, which includes both tests for your child's grade level.

Cost per individual test: $20

Cost per package: $35